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5 - 15 August 2024


Oudenarder Str. 16-20, 13347

Berlin, Germany


14 - 22





Ballet class

The dance world is constantly evolving and our teachers know exactly what is required of dancers in today's world. Our classes are taught by principal dancers from top European companies. All dancers are different and everyone has individual needs and levels of training. The exercises are planned and potentially modified to ensure everyone gets the most out of their training with us.

Modern Movement

Nowadays it is crucial to master not only your classical technique but also modern movement if you want to become a professional dancer. Johan King Silverhult teaches modern movement that specifically ballet dancers will need in their training and career. Not only will his teaching technique help with your modern choreography - however the results will transfer into your classical dancing as well. 


Our classes will cover variations from the classical repertoire and neoclassical choreography. Repertoire classes will focus not only on technique and clarity of movement but also on expression. Most importantly we teach you how to build a true individual presence on stage. 

Technique class

Technique class gives students and teachers time to really delve deeper into elements that are technically difficult to achieve. Our teachers will analyse what students struggle with and focus solely on specific elements. For example, many dancers find it hard to master grand pirouettes or grand allegro - our teachers will spend time explaining the basics and give each student their own individual corrections. 

Stage acting 

Often dancers get on stage and lose 50% of their quality because of fear and stress. This is a natural reaction, even though it greatly hinders our success. During our stage acting masterclass, we teach you how to fearlessly tackle any role. Learn how to appear young, old, in love, evil, sad, and ecstatic - like a true artist. Understand what makes movement look refined and learn how to play around with styles and inner intention.

Pointe Technique

We believe it's important to pay specific attention to the basics of pointe technique. The problems that arise in your variations or technical elements can often be tracked to a foundational weakness. Sometimes it is crucial to go back to the basics and build from there. Our teachers will explain the foundation of dancing on pointe and correct any incorrect tendencies.


Pilates is essential to a dancer's training regimen. It improves your stability, flexibility, strength, and coordination. All our classes are geared towards a better command of your body as a dancer. Work on your strength and control with our teacher Luciana Voltolini. As a soloist with Staatsballett Berlin and a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, she knows what dancers need to excel. 

*Groups of minimum 3 dancers applying from the same school receive a 15% discount of the course fee. 

Balletmasterclass by Melike Demirtas


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YSB Intensives are taught in the bright studios of Tanzraum Wedding Berlin located in historic Osram-Höfe.

ADDRESS: Oudenarder Str. 16-20, 13347 Berlin, Germany

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