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Amelie van de Klashorst About us YSB YSBI
YSB Founder Amelie van de Klashorst

Amélie van de Klashorst 

Ballet dancer with Belarusian State Musical Theatre



I've been there.

Endlessly searching for the next opportunity, new teachers, new classes. Constantly striving and trying to find teachers who truly believed in me. I remember it being an uncertain and tiring existence. For me as a dancer, but also for my parents. 

Many promising young dancers are discouraged from a young age to pursue what they want. They are told with a grandiose certainty that their dreams will never come true. Maybe this is a ploy to cultivate grit, but I've known many students who gave up after hearing these words. The irony is that some of the biggest stars of today have heard these phrases over and over again when they began their education. It's an irony only appreciated in hindsight.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to also meet many wonderful people throughout my journey. True experts — artists.

Masters who are confident in their ability to truly teach. People who appreciate your desire to dance. Teachers who are ready to tackle your individual needs.

I would like to introduce you to one of these masters.


Inessa Dushkevich, who is my mentor, and honorary

patron of Young Stars Ballet.


Inessa Dushkevich was the illustrious Artistic Director of Belarusian State Choreographic Gymnasium College for ten years. I was lucky enough to become a student at BSCGC during this time. Whilst there, I spent three years rehearsing and learning from her endless expertise.


After I graduated and started dancing with Belarusian State Musical Theatre she remained the person I could always go to for guidance. She is a true inspiration.


When I expressed my desire to start this summer intensive, she was enthusiastic to join forces and has been there every step of the way to offer her advice and expertise. 


She is an integral member of our family of dancers and teachers, and has, for example, taught Ksenia Ovsyanick for many years. 


I am honored by our collaboration. 

Inessa Dushkevich YSBI Patron

Inessa Dushkevich

Former Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus, Artistic Director of Belarusian State Choreographic Gymnasium College

Honorary Patron of YOUNG STARS BALLET

YSBI About us Quotation Amelie van de Klashorst

Now I have the pleasure of bringing these dancers and teachers together for you, for intensive programs in the heart of cultural hub Berlin. 

I hope Young Stars ballet intensive will provide you an inspiring community, where we guide and support as many young dancers as possible. 

You can expect honesty and transparency from your teachers, sound career guidance and someone to believe in you as you embark on, or continue your exciting journey to become a ballet dancer.


Welcome to the family!


Balletmasterclass by Melike Demirtas

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